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Who We Serve

We are dedicated to serving business owners and small to mid-sized enterprises with 5 to 200 employees and annual revenues between $2M and $20M. Our clients come from diverse industries but share a commitment to honoring their business practices. We help you optimize financial strategies, reduce risks, and achieve long-term growth while aligning your financial decisions with your values. Whether enhancing financial security, implementing tax strategies, planning transitions, or investing responsibly, we provide the expertise and personalized solutions you need to thrive in your business and faith journey.

Corporate Services

We deliver specialized financial strategies to foster business growth and stability. Our corporate services include fiduciary oversight to protect your business from IRS penalties and DOL lawsuits by ensuring compliance and managing retirement plans. We optimize tax efficiency to reduce liabilities and maximize business value for transitions with structured exit planning. 

Business Owners

We offer personalized financial advisory services tailored to business owners' unique needs. We focus on enhancing personal net worth and liquidity, optimizing tax efficiency, and reducing unnecessary risks. Our goal is to align your financial plans with your values, providing increased peace of mind and allowing you to concentrate on growing your business and living out your faith.

Boosting Personal Net Worth

Many business owners rely solely on cash flow, missing out on strategies that can greatly accelerate personal wealth. With our Fortified Blueprint™, we help you leverage your business to implement advanced strategies that reduce taxes and enhance personal investments. Instead of constantly searching for write-offs, we show you how to put those deductions directly into your pocket. By utilizing these exclusive opportunities, you can significantly boost your financial portfolio and secure long-term wealth for generations.

Biblically Responsible Investing

At Inspire Advisors, we believe in achieving not just greater returns, but clean returns. Our Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) approach allows you to include your corporate 401(k), enabling you and your employees to invest in companies that align with your values. Avoiding profits from activities like abortion, human trafficking, and pornography, BRI ensures your investments support ethical and responsible business practices, aligning with your morals and values.

What We Do

At Inspire Advisors, we provide tailored financial advisory services for business owners and small to mid-sized enterprises. Our expertise includes fiduciary oversight, advanced tax strategies, exit planning, and Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI). We help you optimize financial operations, reduce risks, and align your investments with your values, ensuring long-term growth and stability.

Financial Planning for Businesses

Financial planning for businesses at Inspire Advisors includes comprehensive fiduciary oversight to manage retirement plans and ensure compliance, advanced tax strategies to reduce liabilities, and exit planning to maximize business value. We also integrate Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) to align your financial practices with your values and use our proprietary Fortified Blueprint™ to enhance efficiency, increase personal net worth, and reduce risks.

Fiduciary Standard

We uphold the highest fiduciary standards to protect your business. Many business owners are unaware of their liabilities, and employer-sponsored plans require continuous maintenance. If not properly maintained, these plans can be subject to unlimited Department of Labor fines and IRS penalties. Hiring fiduciaries is highly encouraged to eliminate unknown fiduciary risks and ensure there are no surprises. Our fiduciary oversight helps you manage these responsibilities, providing peace of mind and protecting your business from costly penalties.

Optimize Tax Efficiency

We specialize in optimizing tax efficiency for your business. Our approach involves identifying and implementing advanced strategies to reduce tax liabilities, allowing you to reinvest saved capital back into your business. By leveraging opportunities specific to your business structure, we ensure compliance while maximizing financial growth. Additionally, we explore opportunities to retain talent, especially in the event of a future sale of the business. Our detailed analysis and proactive planning help you keep more of your earnings, enhancing your overall financial health and supporting sustainable business development.

Transition Planning

Transition planning at Inspire Advisors is about preparing your business for a successful change of ownership. We optimize your business to increase its value, whether you plan to pass it to the next generation or sell it for top dollar. Our strategies include detailed financial analysis, succession planning, and exploring opportunities to retain key talent during the transition. By maximizing your business’s value and ensuring a smooth transition, we help protect your financial interests and legacy, providing peace of mind for your future.

Wealth Management is a Team Effort

As true fiduciaries, we outsource to trusted partners who align with our integrity and use their businesses as their ministry. From group benefits and business brokers to attorneys, CPAs, and tax consultants, we employ a team-based approach, collectively brainstorming with a round table of highly esteemed professionals to serve you at the highest level.

Top Ranked RIA's Again!

Top Ranked RIA's Again!

Inspire Advisors has been recognized as a top-ranked Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) by prominent industry publications. Consistently earning accolades from USA Today Article and being featured among FA Magazine's top 500 RIA Firms, Inspire Advisors has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and integrity in serving clients' financial needs. This esteemed recognition underscores our dedication to providing superior financial advisory services year after year.

2023 Ranking FA Magazine

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